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After a year of endless nights, soul searching, and soiled diapers, becoming parents have taught Linda and I things we have never expected to change us so much for the past year. With the new addition of our son Greyson came even more additions of responsibilities, challenges, and shorter days. Our main goal has always been to try our very best to keep up our production while never sacrificing our quality. Somewhere during those endless nights, the constant cries for milk, and dodging our son’s ability to hit you in the eye with his pee pee, we found this guy who helped us move along the way and keep us leveled with the rest of the world. Linda and I would like to officially introduce Duy Khang Nguyen not only to Composure Studios, but to our growing family.

As many of you have known, Khang has been a part of us since the day Greyson was born. Like Greyson, he’s pretty much the baby in some ways to our company, especially when he is hungry. We sat in our hospital room as he and his now beautiful fiance Jewels came to visit us and spoke of plans to build a team which embodies different talents to help one another to grow even stronger. With Khang’s ability to frame the world within his lens choice, his meticulous selection of lighting coupled with his ability to capture what is happening right in front of you enables him to not only seize the mood with his photos, but the point of the photo.


Please feel free to view more of his portfolio on our website and as our blog continues back on track. With this, you will also be able to see more work from both Linda and I as we update with much more work that we have been dying to share with the world. Thank all of you for the ever growing support that we have have received over the years especially as our son has grown with us. We hope to continue to show you materials that we love, in hopes that you are able to enjoy it just as much.


Anthony, Linda, Greyson, and Khang

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